Student Visa

Open your mind to a new whole world

In an ever dynamic world, full of rapid changes and developments, Advise 365 is an industry leader that anticipates and circumnavigates the obstacles a student faces in the pursuit of international education and the life that follows.

Student Visa

This visa lets you participate in an eligible course of studyin Australia, bring family members to Australia with you, apply online in or outside Australia

  • Up to 5 years and in line with your enrolment.
  • Cost:
  • From AUD630, unless exempt.
  • Processing Time:
  • Processing times vary
  • Info:
  • be enrolled in a course of study in Australia
  • hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), or fall in one of the exemption categories
  • must be 6 years or older
  • prove you have a welfare arrangement, if you are under 18
  • If in Australia hold an eligible substantive visa.
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