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Enhance your skills and open doors to more future employment possibilities

The Professional Year Program helps give you an advantage and the opportunity to enhance your capabilities in the fields of Engineering, IT and Accounting. This program is designed to help you find employment suitable for your abilities. The PY Program helps fresh graduates master and gain proficiency in their skills, before stepping out into the real world. It is a great choice for people looking to have an edge before entering the competitive organisations based in major cities around Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and Clayton. The overall duration of the program is 44 weeks. This involves a 12 week internship period, during which aspirants gain a better understanding of the work culture in Australia. Clearing the Professional Year gives applicants five additional points for their Australia Immigration Application.

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Engineering Program

The EEA or Engineering Education Australia conceptualized the Engineering Professional Year program. This 44-week program was designed to enable international graduates in Engineering to gather essential insights about the demands and the culture of typical Australian workplaces.

IT Program

The ACS (IT) Professional Year is an initiative by the Department of Home Affairs. It is designed for international graduates who possess an Australian IT degree. It provides a pathway to employment in Australia.

Accounting Program

The Accounting Professional Year Program is developed by three organizations, namely the CPA Australia, ICA and IPA. The Accounting PYP was formerly known as the SMIPA, and it helps international accounting graduates to develop the requisite skills to shine in their career in Australia.


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Extra Credit

You receive five points towards your Australian PR application upon completion.

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Cultural Integration

It helps you ease into the work culture in Australia, while helping you assimilate into a new setting.

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Professional Leap

The PY Program adds value to your CV, helps polish your skills and gives you an edge over your competitors.

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A key aspect of the Professional Year program is the connections it helps you build for future references.

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